DNSSEC signing service

At a glance

  • Our pilot DNSSEC Signing Service simplifies the signing of zones
  • It allows you to hand over the process of DNSSEC signing your zones to us, thus reducing the technical barriers to you deploying DNSSEC
  • It helps you to quickly start offering DNSSEC as a security product to your customers with few overheads and no significant and costly infrastructure development
  • You can use this pilot service to sign .uk zones free of charge

We have introduced a pilot DNSSEC Signing Service to simplify the signing of zones. This new product allows registrars to hand-over the process of DNSSEC signing their zones to us. The service reduces the technical barriers to DNSSEC deployment by registrars. It allows registrars to quickly and easily start offering DNSSEC as a security product to their customers with very few overheads and without significant and costly infrastructure development.

Our signing service is an alternative approach to DNSSEC management that, with a much lower infrastructure investment, allows registrars to sign zones. We will generate and manage DNSSEC keys and DS records and publish them to nameservers and parent zones respectively, allowing registrars to sign zones in a quick and simple way.

Detailed information about how the service works and instructions for use are available.

When will the service be available?

We are currently offering a public pilot of the DNSSEC Signing Service. This system interacts with live DNS data and theoretically can be used to DNSSEC sign live zones. We strongly recommend that you thoroughly test your use of this service and in the pilot stage it is only used for testing. Further information about the deployment of the DNSSEC Signing Service is available here.

How much does it cost?

Registrars can currently use the DNSSEC Signing Service to sign .uk zones free of charge. We do intend to introduce charges for using the service - further details are available in the pricing section.

 You will also be required to confirm that you accept the Terms and Conditions of this service.