Selecting your tag type

The Registrar Agreement incorporates three tag types for registrars to choose from depending on who their customers are, the service levels they work to and whether they wish to make the most of the additional benefits available in return for meeting higher standards.

The tag types are:

  • Channel Partner
  • Accredited Channel Partner
  • Self-Managed

Registrars may have one or more tags of different types in order to manage their business.

All tags created prior to 18 March 2014 have been defaulted to Channel Partner. When applying for new tags after 18 March 2014 registrars will have been asked to select the tag type.

What do I need to do?

The information below will help you select the right tag type for your tags.

For tags created prior to 18 March 2014, you must either:

  • Elect to remain a Channel Partner - you must submit information in Online Services on how you meet the requirements set out in our Registrar Agreement
  • Apply for a tag reclassification as either Accredited Channel Partner or Self-Managed
  • For tags created after 18th March 2014 registrars will have been asked to select the tag type on application

Where you have multiple tags you will need to choose the type for each tag and provide the relevant information for each.

You may hold multiple Channel Partner and Accredited Channel Partner tags, but only one Self-Managed tag.

Applying for an additional Tag

When deciding which tag type best suits you it may be that two tag types fit your business model. In this case you may wish to apply for an additional tag through Online Services.

Tag types

Channel Partner tag

For registrars who wish to manage domains on behalf of customers at the new higher level of general requirements, but who do not wish to meet the highest standards required of those with an Accredited Channel Partner tag.

Accredited Channel Partner tag

For registrars who register and manage domains on behalf of third parties and wish to be recognised and receive benefits for meeting higher standards than registrars with a Channel Partner tag.  

The key benefits of this tag classification are:

  • Access to registrant name change facility
  • Ability to opt out of automated registrant communications sent by Nominet
  • Accredited status listed on Nominet corporate website
  • Use of Nominet Accredited Registrar logo
  • You can choose to be included in the A Great Place to Be registrar selection tool
  • Ability to apply for dedicated marketing and promotional programmes

Self-Managed tag

For those registrars who exclusively or primarily manage their own domains, such as portfolio holders or corporate registrars.

Benefits and expectations by tag type

The following table provides a high level overview of the requirements and benefits contained within the Registrar Agreement.

Customer Service

Self-ManagedChannel PartnerAccredited Channel Partner
Not applicable unless providing some third party services. If providing third party services – same as Channel Partner

Maintain a website, accessible to the public that provides:

  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Customer Service commitments detailing expected response times and how long it usually takes to resolve issues
  • Email contact point for abuse complaints

Acknowledge receipt of customer contacts or complaints within 5 working days

Ensure your customers are aware of:

  • Charges for registration, renewal, and maintenance
  • Any ongoing charges
  • Key terms of the contract
  • Your policy on renewal and expiry of domain names

Same as Channel Partner except:

Acknowledge receipt of customer contacts or complaints within 3 working days


Data Validation

Self-ManagedChannel PartnerAccredited Channel Partner
Same as Channel Partner

Where Nominet is not able to validate data Nominet will contact the registrant.

Where Nominet is not able to validate data the registrar will need to take action to amend the data or confirm the data is valid

Functionality and Benefits

Self-ManagedChannel PartnerAccredited Channel Partner

Domain Names must usually be registered only in the name of the registrar. You may specify five registrant names at any one time which will be regarded as being your name. These must be linked to you in some way.

You may transfer domain names on a Self Managed tag to a new registrant free of charge.

No additional requirements

On behalf of your customers you may transfer domain names to a new registrant free of charge

Ability to make corrections to registrant name

Ability to opt out of certain types of automated notifications that we currently send to your customers

Functionality to delete domains suspended for poor data quality

Ability to transfer expired domains with customers express permission


Marketing and Communications

Self-ManagedChannel PartnerAccredited Channel Partner
Not Applicable

Not Applicable

Eligibility to apply for on-going promotional activities and programmes

Right to use the Accredited Channel Partner logo

Identified as holding Accredited Channel Partner tag on Nominet website(s)



Self-ManagedChannel PartnerAccredited Channel Partner
Only one Self-Managed tag per registrar

Multiple Channel Partner tags allowed

Multiple Accredited Channel Partner tags allowed


If you have any questions or would like to discuss this in more detail please contact our Customer Services team.