.uk launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of .uk

The new shorter, sharper .uk domain became available on 10 June 2014.

A new opportunity for new customers

The .uk domain is a new opportunity to attract customers who are not currently in the UK namespace. Research shows higher levels of interest in the new .uk domain amongst a more tech-savvy, digitally-engaged population who are not currently online with us. This provides another opportunity for you to grow your business and ensure that the UK namespace continues to be relevant in a fast-paced digital environment.

Our existing customers matter

We are reassuring our existing customers that whether they are a great British business, an outstanding organisation or an online original, our UK Domain Family is always going to be a great place to be. Visit theukdomain.uk for further information.

We have a domain to suit everyone:

.uk –  The new shorter, sharper domain for digital pioneers
.co.uk – The number one domain for British business: the most trusted and relevant domain for doing business in the UK
.org.uk – The preferred non-commercial domain for championing causes and raising support
.me.uk - The personal domain for individuals wanting to build a unique, online presence
Other domains: .net.uk; .plc.uk; .ltd.uk

Find out more about the UK Domain Family.

So whether a customer switches to the new .uk domain or adds it to their domain portfolio, they can rely on the same great service and support, trust and British quality that the UK namespace is renowned for.

Selling .uk

Further information is available to help registrars sell .uk

See our technical specification for changes introduced in relation to .uk. This information has also been added to the relevant sections of this website.

View the process diagrams that explain how the registration, validation and verification processes operate.

View the rules for registering a .uk

View the guidance for marketing .uk domains.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 01865 332233.