UK Domain Family

Choosing the right UK domain name is of real importance to your customers whether they are launching a new business, supporting a campaign or developing an online portfolio.

With the latest shorter, sharper .uk domain name there is even more choice for your customers.

To help you understand the expanding UK domain family portfolio, we have developed a toolkit which includes positioning and brand guidelines and some useful marketing assets to make it easier for you when promoting UK domains. 

.uk The shorter, sharper domain

The shorter, sharper domain

You are at the forefront of the contemporary online landscape with .uk - the domain for online pioneers. - the number 1 domain for British Business

The No. 1 domain for British Business

Prosperous, trusted and populated with brilliant businesses, you're in good company with - For your cause

For your cause

It's all in the name: with a address, you'll instantly distinguish your site as non commercial, and champion your cause or community. - A place for you

A place for you

Your idea, your story, your adventure. Whatever you want to make of it is the place for you.


Other domains

The domain for schools*

The domain for private limited companies*

The domain for public limited companies*

The domain for Internet Service Providers only*

​*See here for further details of criteria, restrictions and requirements Second level domains